How to Do a Burpee Properly with the Right Movement

How to Do Burpee

Knowing the correct ways of how to do a burpee is important because it will affect the outcome of your performance. No matter how many repetitions you do or how many hours you spend exercising, you won’t get the wanted result if you don’t focus on the proper posture and movement. It is crucial to know the basic first, and then take it to a higher level when your performance has increased.

How to Do a Burpee wih Basic Movement

1. Classic and Basic

There are four highlighted movements from burpees exercise, involving squats, plank, jump, and leap vertically up. How to do the classic burpee, anyway? Stand up with straight posture, and then squat, and then perform a fall movement with your hands in front of the feet. Your feet should stay together and kick behind you. You should be in the plank position by this time.

From the plank position (make sure that your arms and legs are straight), jump back towards the hand. Then while trying to stand up, combine it by leaping up, making sure that your arms are straight above the head. You can repeat the movements again and again. That’s how to do a burpee, classic style.

2. The Variations

In the burpee exercise variations, you can choose to stay with the classic plank or perform a push up. Naturally, performing the push up will add the challenge, but that’s the idea, after all. Burpee workout can be included within your routine, whether it is used as a warm up routine or you do it for your overall workout session.

First of all, try to do the 100 burpees. Are you able to do it or not? See how fast you can do 100 reps. The first movements may be easy but as you go over 20, it will be harder. If you are able to complete the 100 reps in less than 10 minutes, it is pretty impressive.

The second alternative to try is the burpee ladder. It will challenge you, for sure. You should start with 10 reps, and then have a quick resting period. Start again with nine, and then eight, and continue until you reach one. Want to have a harder exercise time? Do press up, push up, or sit up during the resting period. You have the time to catch your breath and yet you are still exercising.

Knowing how to perform the movements correctly will improve the result. You should always see the examples from the videos or hire a personal trainer to guide you. Once you manage to understand how to do a burpee correctly, you will experience the satisfying result.

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