How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn? Finding the Answer Here

how many calories do burpees burn

This is one of the most common questions that everyone asks, especially those who want to engage in the exercise. How many calories do burpees burn? Being one of the most challenging and toughest exercises has made burpees workout pretty effective to lose weight and maintain fitness level. Of course, knowing the amount of calories will also provide support and encouragement.

How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn in a Certain Time?

1. Burpees Movements

Burpees exercise is combining different kinds of movements. They are all pretty simple but when they are combined together and they should be done within a quick session and in a fast manner, the process can be quite challenging, even difficult. Since it is an endurance type of exercise, don’t be surprised to find yourself out of breath.

Burpees routine combines jump, pushup, and squat movements that will test your endurance, resistance, and also core strength. It may seem simple and easy but wait until you have to do everything on your own. Doing only 5 reps will guarantee making you gasp for air but that’s the expected outcome, really.

2. Burpees Calories

Try this for a start and see how many repetitions you can endure. It challenges your strength greatly but it is going to worth it. How many calories do burpees burn? Basically, it is around 240 calories to 355 calories within half an hour (30 minutes session). When compared to other exercises, this one burns quite a lot of calories although the extra effort is also understandable.

Depending on the types of variants you perform; the burpees calories can vary. The more challenging it is, the more calories you will burn. Burpees exercise is basically the equipment-free exercise. However, you are welcome to include weight into your routine, making it not only challenging for your strength but it will also help you build muscles.

Everyone knows that muscles are helpful to burn calories, so the more muscles you have, the more calories you can burn. It is perfect for those wanting to lose weight. It is also perfect for those wanting to build up strength and core performance.

3. Burpess and Metabolism

Not only burpees are good to burn calories, you can expect an improved performance for your metabolic system too. Since burpees are included as the high intensity workout, it is able to burn more calories, around 50% more than the moderate exercises. It is also good to boost your metabolism, which can be good to help you lose weight. Now that you already know about how many calories do burpees burn, are you going to start the exercise now?

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