Burpees Exercise and Its Origin

burpees exercise

The so-called burpees exercise has taken the fitness industry by the storm these days. The combination of easy implementation, fuss free practice, and obvious results has made it somewhat lovable. The exercise is easy, in terms that it doesn’t require complicated movement. However, while doing it, you may find yourself out of breath because it is super tough and super challenging.

Burpees Exercise Startup

There are some facts about this exercise that you should know if you want to enjoy the best gain. Getting the basic will help you grasp better ideas about the workout.

1. Challenging Workout

If you take a look at the burpees exercise videos, the movement seems easy. Try it by yourself and test whether you can last for one minute without gasping for air. This is one of the reasons why people somehow have an on-off relationship with this workout. People love it for the effective result but they also hate it for the toughness.

Also known as the ultimate bodyweight exercise, this workout is often used by the military, mixed martial athletes, and other hardcore workout fans. With the combination of pushups, squats, and also vertical jumps, the burpees workout will burn calories efficiently while testing your endurance and core strength.

2. Long History

Burpees exercise isn’t something new, really, but it has just been recently made popular by a lot of weight loss and fitness programs. It was designed by a psychologist, Royal H. Burpee, wanting to create a test for fitness, coordination, and agility. Then, the exercise was adopted by the Navy and also the Army for recruit assessment during World War II. They considered it a simple and yet effective conditioning workout.

3. Proper Technique

To get the most benefits of this workout, you need to do it within the proper and correct burpees positions. Start from a standing position, and then squat. Then, you should land on pushup position and perform the exercise. Jump in and stand up and leap vertically up. When you land, your legs should be slightly bent so the impact won’t hurt your joints.

In most cases, you should perform the exercise in a quick (but proper) sequence and movement. If you are new to this, your trainer may ask you to do this for several times (for instance, 10 repetition) before you can stop and catch your breath. As you are advancing, your trainer may ask you to do as many burpees as possible within a certain time limit, like 30 seconds or 1 minute.

It is a simple exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime. Whether you want to do it at home alone or you want to do it under the observation of a professional trainer, be sure that burpees exercise will do you good.

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